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About once a year we get an email titled something like “Your opinion matters” with a survey attached.

I generally ignore it as it’s just a token gesture on behalf of the club and never really contains anything of any real substance.

….sports fans up and down the country

📈 Let us help you grow an engaged community.


❤️ Bring fans closer to the club.


🗣 Use Speedy Polls to speak to your fans!

Why should you talk to us at Sporting Opinion?

If you would like to achieve any of the following:

> have a deeper engagement with your fans, make them feel like a valued member of the community and that their views are important, recognised and heard.

> engage underrepresented groups within the wider community

> keeping you front of mind

> reduce dependency on paid advertising, increase earned media opportunities

> you would like to add some additional commercial/sponsorship/partner opportunities in to the mix

> increase direct access & reduce platform risk on contacting your audience

> increase supporter loyalty and a thriving community of fans and ambassadors

As well as many other benefits of fan engagement, let’s have a chat.

Sound interesting?

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Who should consider using Sporting Opinion?

Sporting Opinion is for you if you are a sports team or an organisation with a focus in sport.

You understand the power and value of a thriving and engaged community.

You struggle to communicate efficiently with your audience across multiple social media and communication platforms

You want to have a regular check-in with your fans.

Your fans want to have a regular check-in with you.

You actually want to hear what your fans think on a range of topics.

You need help or input with CSR or Local community initiatives.

Maybe you need your fans to vote on some important issues?

Maybe you’d like a regular check-in to see how happy your fans are?

One SO Link, multiple platforms.

✅ Social Media

✅ eMail

✅ Text/Whatsapp

✅ On-site QR codes

✅ Print

Reach all fans wherever they may be.

How does it work?

We get it, we understand you want to engage with your fans more regularly and in more depth.

Build that loyalty, drive the conversation and dare we say it, at the same time, sell more tickets, sell more merchandise.

We know that organic reach on your social posts has gone through the floor and your videos, while they are excellent and may get a 👍 or a ❤️ every now and again, it’s fleeting, it’s not deep engagement. 

We also know that fans want to feel a part of the club, want to feel like the club cares what they think, what they have to say.

And this is why we suggest you take a look at Speedy Polls.

We can work with you in a number of ways to suit your needs.

This might be us firing over suggestions every week, it might be you knowing exactly what you want to ask your community but the result will be the same.

You’ll have a branded, custom page with a speedy poll (should never take longer than 30 seconds to complete, nobody likes a long survey) asking your fans relevant and timely questions.

You can see a mock up demo page here but the subject matter of the poll can be anything; predictions, suggestions, feedback, man of the match, voting, something light hearted, something serious, data research, part of a wider campaign idea, you get the picture.

Ultimately, you’ll be getting the fans in the conversation.

Once the community has shared their opinions, thoughts and insights we can go a step further.

The results can be turned into written and/or video content to be shared far & wide and debated such as print (eg. match day programmes), blog posts, social posts/videos to take the process full circle.

We’ll soon be allowing fans to submit answers by video to be able to be edited and made in to social media video posts.

As a further bonus, we can also offer the fans favourite, organising an AMA (ask me anything) for players, coaches etc.


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*Absolutely no obligation and no hard sell.

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Create an engaged community.

Create a loyal community.

Create a vocal community.