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What is Sporting Opinion all about?

We are a sports specific marketing company using Speedy Polls to focus on creating a positive engagement experience with your fans, customers and community.

We know that increasing the quantity and the quality of engagement leads to an increased level of retention, loyalty and revenue.

We have two mantras, keep it simple and engage don’t sell.

Sports fans are some of the most passionate about and we work in a way so they can embrace that passion and share their voice in a positive way with your organisation.

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Get in touch and we can talk you through our audience engagement product that makes your fans and customers actually feel part of the conversation, and not just on the end of a sales email.

Remember, engage don’t sell!

We can also discuss how we simplify the customer feedback process in a way that is easier for you but more importantly, engaging with your audience so the data is insightful and not a taxing or boring process.

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About Sporting Opinion

Sporting Opinion was founded in 2017 by a small group of sport loving friends who would have endless discussions in the pub, at work, on the group chat and any place something even the slightest bit controversial popped up on twitter.

It’s amazing the conversations that have been had about all sorts of different sports and to be quite frank, many we have no real idea about!

It was one of these ‘discussions’ that led us to talk about the fact that there were people all over the world having debates about whether the latest premier league hot shot was over rated, if such and such golf course was really worthy of a professional tournament when they were shooting double digits under par, whether certain sports are clean, should tennis players earn the same prize money etc. etc. etc!

That was when the light bulb moment happened and Sporting Opinion was born!

Fans want to be engaged with their favourite teams and brands, they want to be involved in the conversation and feel like their voice is being heard and listened to.

We are a friendly bunch who love to talk all things sport, whatever sport it is.

If you want to know more, feel free to get in touch here or via email.