Fans Opinion: Premier League Predictions

What do Football fans think about the Premier League this season?

After a bit of a surreal summer the Premier league is kicking back off this weekend and we have polled the nation’s football fans to see what they think is going to happen.

We are not hugely surprised with who you, the fans think is going to win the league, but were not really expecting to see a 60% vote. Perhaps even more so the 2nd and 3rd choices and then really small percentages for everyone else. By these stats it is a one horse race with only Liverpool and Manchester United having any sniff of challenging.

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As well as asking fans who they thought was most likely to win the league, we asked who is going to win the golden boot. Despite very few thinking they could win the league, World Cup Golden Boot winner Harry Kane was head and shoulders ahead of everyone else.

opinion - premier league golden boot prediction

When it comes to relegation on the other hand, it is not a pretty picture for one of the newly promoted teams. After what is considered some great transfer window action for Fulham and Wolves, Cardiff City have the unfortunate title of most likely to be relegated with a massive 75% of votes and Huddersfield a stand out second with 11% of votes.

opinion - premier league relegation predictions

After finding out the thoughts on these three questions we asked for some further opinion on the season in general. If you agree with them, click the thumbs up, if you don’t click the thumbs down.

Huddersfield are better than we all think

Jessica – Facebook: Jessica Louise Ferguson

Mourinho to be sacked by end of the season

Dillon – Snapchat: dgoodyear25

It will go to the wire


Arsenal will finish third, Spurs and Chelsea to miss out on champions cup place

Logan – Snapchat: Logan04_r

Manchester City will finish out of the top 4!

Alan Hughes

Man Utd to miss out on top four and Mourinho to be sacked by Christmas


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