Formula One - Time For A Shake Up? | Sporting Opinion

Formula One – Shake Up?

Fans Are Undecided.

F1 is under more and more scrutiny at the moment with claims it is more boring than ever before. We asked the F1 experts of the Sporting Opinion crowd what they thought. Whilst a lot said it wasn’t boring, many proposed initiatives to spice things up a bit.

F1 Shake Up | SportingOpinion

F1 Shake Up | SportingOpinion

Races should be up to the drivers skills alone once the race starts, not a bunch of computer technicians working everything out for the driver. It’s no longer just about the best driver, more about a computer working out what are the best options.

Bring back refuelling and more tyre manufacturers

It needs to be more competitive . The pit crew should not be in contact with the car from the start. It should be driver and machine. Tyres should be down to teams what they use . It should be got back to an equal playing field for all teams . Right now the sport is at its worst . You can Nye on forecast the outcome . I’ve watched it for years and enjoyed it . But now can’t be bothered to watch it. Plus you allow Hamilton to bang the BLM drum . That needs stopping . It would not be allowed if a white guy were to do it. If cars are deemed to be that much quicker than the rest then they should do what they do with touring cars. By adding weight to the car. That would make it a more even playing field.

grid starting position lottery or get rid of qualifying altogether and just have reverse of previous race finishing order

Weight penalty for championship leader or similar like BTCC

Allow formula 1 to exist as an elite motor racing formula, a test bed for state of the art cutting edge technology. Letting manufacturers loose to develop as needed. There is plenty of scope for sterile motor racing in other formulae

F1 Shake Up | SportingOpinion

Hamilton’s stats speak for themselves really, not sure how anyone can claim otherwise. 

Everyone drives each others cars, then see if Hamilton wins every race

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