Opinion: Spurs Transfer Strategy

What do Tottenham fans think about the transfer window?

After no signings in the transfer window this summer we wanted to get the view of the fans on what they thought about it? Good thing? Bad thing? We had an incredible amount of replies and below is just a sample but on the whole the message was positive with focus on tying in players to new contracts, not seeing where to improve and not wanting to overspend.

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“It’s ridiculous that we are not having any updates to our team, how are we supposed to win the league without no new singings.”

Sam – Northampton

“I don’t think they had a choice. The first team is so good, anybody they attempt to buy isn’t going to want to be second choice. The only way they could improve, is to spend £75m on a new player. But then why wouldn’t this player join City, United or Chelsea if he’s that good. With Liverpool, a club at a similar level to spurs, at least they had obvious flaws in the team, but spurs don’t. They just lack the depth, but the first team is brilliant.”

Harry – Plymouth


Short and not so sweet from Ellis – Cardiff

“I wouldn’t at all say it’s a negative as we have tied down a lot of first team players. However as a fan looking to my team for excitement it does takeaway from that as we are standing still by not signing new talent.”

Ollie – Scarborough

“I accept and appreciate not wanting to pay over the odds for players and contributing to price inflation and ridiculous market values, but if you don’t move forwards you only move backwards. Levy should have bitten the bullet and committed to buy players earlier while we were under less pressure and so had more options. Now we’re in danger of losing Pochettino to a more ambitious club. Hell, new stadium, guaranteed CL football, World class star players, and one of Europe’s best managers. Could we really not attract a single player?”

Bloomers – Oxfordshire

“Disappointed with no signings, but I understand that it’s very difficult to improve on the players we currently have.”

Jason – London

“I think it’s bitter sweet, we did well in keeping our big names and signing them onto new contracts however I feel as if we do need a decent backup striker if Kane goes down. Llorente simply isn’t good enough.”

Harry – England – Instagram

“Disappointed but happy that no players left. Important signing was the Manager.”

Liam – Sheffield

“If you can’t improve then no point wasting money like Arsenal have done”

Controversial and perhaps surprisingly one of only a few Arsenal bashing opinions from Paul in Gloucester – Twitter

“Not worth paying over the odds for players or making panic buys”

Andy – Warwickshire

“Spurs have one of the strongest squads in the Premier League. They have not lost any of their star players, in fact they secured their most important players on longer term contracts. The manager has demonstrated that he has faith in this group of players by keeping them together. Spurs will finish top 4 this season.”

Paul Adams – Kent

“We needed to strengthen the squad.”

Another short and sweet opinion, this time from Charlie.

“I think the main thing was to keep are best players and keep a manager who’s completely changed the culture of the club”

Mike – West Midlands

“Disappointed but also happy as we have tied down some of our better players to long term contracts. Such as Kane, Sanchez, Lamela etc. Also Poch has signed a new contract. So all in all good transfer window.”

Bailey – Blackpool

“Maybe a Zaha or Sessegnon type player could’ve added strength and depth. Grealish??? Don’t know enough to comment really. Martial… No thanks (doubt he’d want to be second fiddle to Harry anyway). Porch must know if he’s got enough decent players as back up and I’m sure if we really needed to buy we would’ve. Even if just as cover for any injuries. Glad to see Toby, Rose and Moussa staying though. COYS.”

Calvin Dodd – Doncaster

“Ridiculous, so close to winning a trophy, just needed that little added quality and experience. Same mistake from Levy as he did a few seasons back; panic buying Sissoko. Expect us to finish outside of top 4.”

No holding back from Usman in London although not sure what the same mistake is as there wasn’t a panic buy?

“I think we have a strong team already and we don’t need a lot of signings to strengthen the team”

Sean – South Wales – Instagram

“It is a potential banana skin. However, many of the squad are coming off the back of individually successful world cups. This collective esprit de corps may work to their advantage. Who do you bring in?”

Andy – Elgin

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Main image credit – Spurs Official Instagram