The Fans Opinion: Eng vs. India – 2nd Test at Lord’s

What do Cricket fans think about the 2nd Test?

With the second test starting at Lord’s on Thursday we polled the nation’s cricket fans to see what they think about the match. Perhaps unsurprisingly after the first test, predictions were tight with India slightly edging it with 54.5% of the vote to England’s 45.5%.

opinion - eng v India

As well as asking fans who they thought was most likely to be victorious in the match, we asked for some further opinion on the 2nd Test in general. If you agree with them, click the thumbs up, if you don’t click the thumbs down.

It would be good to see batsmen with patience in building an innings, nobody can bat for a day and take the edge off the bowling now. Tests never last 5 days now unless weather affected, the one day game has infiltrated test cricket so much that it’s a case of knocking the ball as far as you can as quick as you can, instead of pushing the ball around and tiring the fielders, get your score as quick as possible and get out. Take some guidance from the old guys who could make a game.

Philip Haley

England’s bowler’s will finally turn up at Lords!

Kevin Turner

Indian batsmen will improve from the 1st test

Srinivasa. C S

As long as every player converts their start into a decent score , and we can keep the Indian batsmen fairly quiet , and not drop too many catches.

Scott McKenzie

If we get Virat out for less than 50 India will be bowled out for 165 or less as they are a 1 man batting line up.


We don’t do well at Lords, India will be smarting and we shall miss Stokes.


If India bat first they will likely win by a full innings.


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